Are we really developing our young leaders?

When I hear the word leadership or when I think of a leader I think of a person who doesn't sit back and wait but they stand for something and they are passionate about it.  These people want to lead and not just be heard. Understanding this, I pose a question: what are we doing as current leaders to groom up the next wave of young people? It's easy to tell them what is wrong with their culture and to judge them. Why judge when we can simply be using this time to develop a new generation of leaders?

In the church I have observed many believe church is an "old mans" game. There appears to be no spots for young men and women to come and do what God has called them to do. I've seen ministries push young people away rather than put an arm around them and groom them. 

If you have a platform to encourage and support please do not forget about our young people. Young people grow up to be old people and we need wise new leaders. We all must do a better job including myself yet I feel like it must start at home first. One can only lead by example, so what is the example your setting?

Dwight To Blame?

Dwight Howard, the most sought after free agent of the summer chose Houston as his home and is now a member of the rockets organization. People are giving him a hard time and talking about him negatively but why? Dwight Howard is no different from any person in the world. He just changed jobs and made the best move for himself. We can't judge someone for doing something if we don't know the reasons and all the facts. I pray Howard gets himself together and he finds peace in Houston because he seems to be all over the place and unsure about his life. Now that he gets another fresh start let's sit back and see what happens next.